And breathe...or 6 quick daily self care habits

The upcoming holiday season can be so busy. The usual busy-ness is compounded with end-of-year events and commitments that can seem overwhelming.

Looking after yourself is more important than ever at these times. Here’s 6 quick things you can do every day in this busy time to ensure your mind, body and soul are nurtured: 

Deep breathing

Use a yogic breathing technique if that is your preference, or simply breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose and out through your mouth. This forces you to fill your lungs and slow your heart rate, which will help to ease anxiety and overwhelm

Drink water

I know, I know, but there’s a reason everyone keeps saying it! We’re mostly water, being properly hydrated makes you more alert, and less prone to headaches. It also helps your body renew itself, so you have better skin, clearer eyes and healthier insides!

Go outside

We’re basically house plants with emotions. We need water, sunlight and earth. Engaging with nature can help reduce stress, and is the ideal time to take deep breaths, practice your favourite grounding technique or simply just stop for a moment.

Practice gratitude

Whether this is through active journalling, or simply expressing things you are thankful for, practicing gratitude will help you keep perspective and move your mind from a place of chaos to focus on good things in your life.

Move your body

You may want to work out in the gym, go for a gentle walk, or do some quick stretches. Whatever your preference, take some time every day to get that blood flowing!


Spend 5 mins at the beginning and end of each day organising. Review what needs to be done that day, and set your intentions. At the end of the day, assess what needs to be done tomorrow. A small amount of time spent planning how to start each day can go a very long way to easing stress and clearing your mind.