Discover the best scents for blissful tranquility

Ever wondered why you just feel so much better when your house smells nice? Smell is a powerful sense – it keeps us safe from inedible food, alerts us to danger, and can both arouse and repel. Adding calming scents to your environment is one way to reduce stress and improve your mood.

There are many scents that help to create a calm and relaxed environment. When choosing products for our collections, we carefully consider the scents we include. Below is a list of the scents included in our home fragrance products, and their benefits…and because we’re lovely we’ve even included a link to products based on these scents! 

CITRUS (citrus)

Cirtus-based scents (orange, lime, bergamot) are said to invigorate and refresh the senses, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation

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Lemongrass & Persian Lime Candle

Freshen Up Room Spray

BERGAMOT (citrus)

It’s true, bergamot is a citrus-based scent, but it’s a favourite here at Every Sunday HQ, so we think it deserves a special mention. Combined with Lavender, it makes an exquisite room spray!

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Freshen Up Room Spray

LAVENDER (floral, fresh)

One of the most popular relaxation scents, thanks to linalool, the fragrant alcohol found in lavender extracts.

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Freshen Up Room Spray

Meditation Blend Essential Oil

ROSE (floral)

Very commonly used in aromatherapy, rose scents have calming and antidepressant properties.


Meditation Blend Essential Oil

VANILLA (gourmand)

For those who prefer sweeter scents, vanilla will boost your mood and help promote a sense of peace and contentment. It may also make you think of cake! (hey, we’re only human!)

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Buddha's Temple Candle

Pink Apple Vanilla Candle


A natural insect repellent, patchouli is known for its stress-relieving properties (there’s a reason the hippies loved it!). Use it to promote a calm atmosphere.

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Meditation Blend Essential Oil

Buddha's Temple Candle


A cooling and relaxing scent, there’s a reason sandalwood has been used in incense for centuries. The deep, woody aroma calms irritation and quietens the mind.

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Buddha's Temple Candle 

CLARY SAGE (floral, green)

Clary Sage has a sweet, musky, herbaceous fragrance. It can promote feelings of clarity and calmness and help to soothe anxiety and irritability.

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Meditation Blend Essential Oil