Effortless Plastic-Free Swaps for Everyday Living

Welcome to our latest blog dedicated to the journey of swapping to plastic-free alternatives! Plastic pollution is a pressing environmental concern, and making the switch to plastic-free options has never been more crucial. From single-use plastics clogging our oceans to the microplastics permeating our food chain, the impact of plastic on our planet is undeniable. However, the good news is that swapping to plastic-free alternatives is a powerful step we can all take to reduce our ecological footprint.

Read on to discover some simple ways to swap to eco-friendly alternatives and embark on a journey toward a cleaner, greener future!

Soap and shampoo bars: ditch the plastic bottles and embrace bar soap again. Packed full of nourishing ingredients, they come with minimal packaging and often last longer than the liquid alternative!

Cotton Tote Bags: fold ‘em up small and keep them in your bag for those impromptu grocery runs on the way home from work. Take them to the beach. Pop them over your shoulder for a picnic in the park. Save cash and reduce plastic waste with stylish and long-lasting cotton totes. Available in hand-painted fabric or cotton netting, there’s a style to suit you.

Bamboo Eco Travel Cup: upgrade your morning coffee with fun designs on a biodegradable cup. Made from excess raw material from fast-growing bamboo, these Cups are the only way to get your coffee to go!

Bamboo Reusable Facial Pads: did you know that single-use face wipes cost millions per year in blocked drains, and add huge volume to landfill? Replace single-use wipes with these luxuriously soft reusable pads. Simply pop them in the wash when you’re done – and use them again and again!

Wheat straw toothbrushes: with a compostable handle, these wheat straw toothbrushes are a fantastic eco-friendly option for people who don’t like the feel of bamboo in their mouth, but want to reduce their plastic use.

Bamboo Cotton Buds: You don’t have to compromise on quality with these fully compostable bamboo cotton buds, with organic cotton tips. Ideal for makeup application and removal, or tidying up your nail polish, these are a sustainable alternative to plastic and flimsy paper cotton swabs.

Swapping just a few daily items to more sustainable alternatives doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. Check out our full Plastic Free Collection here.