Take it all off Cleansing Balm with Cloth
Take it all off Cleansing Balm with Cloth
Take it all off Cleansing Balm with Cloth

Take it all off Cleansing Balm with Cloth

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Make a clean break from traditional, harsh cleansers that strip skin of its natural, protective oils with this spa-inspired, single-step cleansing face balm and makeup remover all-in-one. Formulated with rich, creamy, conditioning shea butter, hydration-boosting Australian organic jojoba oil, and exotic essential oils of rose and mandarin, this unique cleansing face balm contains an all-natural, olive emulsifier that binds to makeup, grease, and grime to gently and effectively remove from skin – no rinsing required!

Safe for removing foundation, sunscreen, lipstick, and eye makeup without stinging or stripping.

The Soft cloth included effortlessly wipes away hard-to-budge beauty products, like waterproof mascara, leaving skin completely clean, comfortable, and beautifully balanced.

This time saving facial cleansing balm eliminates the need for double cleansing without leaving skin feeling greasy, grimy, and unclean, like other traditional facial cleansing balms on the market. An enchanting mix of floral and sweet-smelling essential oils will instantly transport you to the idyllic locales of the Land Down Under.

What’s Inside (90g)
All ingredients are 100% natural, and many come from right here in Australia. Come clean with these luscious, skin-loving ingredients in every jar:

Fair trade, organic Shea Butter – Extracted from the nut of the African shea tree and celebrated for centuries for its intensely deep moisturizing, medicinal, and anti-inflammatory properties, shea butter is a fatty acid and vitamin -rich salve that nourishes and conditions damaged, dry, or irritated skin, while boosting elasticity and promoting tight, toned, soft, and smooth skin.

Australian organic Jojoba Oil – A beautifying botanical oil similar to the natural oils found in the human body, jojoba is a real hydrating hero! Packed with nourishing vitamins B and E, including iodine, this plant-based oil most seamlessly sinks into skin, imparting an illuminating glow.

Essential Oils – An intoxicating, exotic blend of rose and mandarin essential oils will whisk you away to the beautiful beaches of Australia. Rose essential oil is especially cherished for its anti-aging and hydrating superpowers. The evocative sweet, citrusy floral fusion will lift your mood without irritating sensitive skin types. A perfect addition to any self-care, skincare ritual.

Olive Oil-based Emulsifier – All-natural binding agent that effectively removes makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and excess oil for innovative, no-rinse facial cleansing. No rinsing. No residue.

Rub a small amount between hands to warm and de-solidify. Apply to dry skin, lips, and lids and gently massage using circular motions to help “break-up” makeup, dirt, and debris. Wet the cloth with warm water and drape over your face,

Using the soft cloth, gently wipe away the balm, revealing clean, soft, and smooth skin.

Beauty Benefits
Take-anywhere facial cleanser that’s perfect for girls and guys on-the-go. No rinsing required. Skip the harshness and get clean, baby-soft skin in seconds!

The anti-aging, time-saving antidote to the double-cleansing skincare craze.

Reduces redness, prevents flare-ups, and boosts hydration

Leaves skin beautifully balanced without feeling slick, sticky, or unclean

Pure, non-detergent formulation won’t strip skin of its natural, protective oils

Formulated for all skin types

Natural ingredients, including fatty acid-enriched shea butter and botanical-based jojoba oil, repair, renew, and restore skin suppleness

Purifies pores more effectively than conventional cleansers

Gentle enough for everyday use



99% natural ingredients, high-active ingredients

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